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Ida Carson is an ordained minister who is deeply committed to sharing the message of
God's love and redemption with others. She is the founder and CEO of Ida Carson
Ministries, a virtual ministry that offers support, guidance, and inspiration to individuals
seeking a closer connection with their faith.


As a member of the Maranatha Worship Centre, Ida works under the leadership of
Bishop Truman Martin and Dr. Beverly Martin. Over the course of her ministry, she has
collaborated with various organizations focused on women, children, the elderly, and


Prayer is at the core of Ida's ministry; she sees it as the foundation of building a solid
and supportive community. In addition to her work as an intercessory prayer leader, Ida
serves as a community liaison for the Maranatha Worship Center, connecting with
community members and fostering a spirit of unity and inclusiveness.
Ida serves as a visiting clergy member for Kettering Area Hospitals, providing spiritual
care and support to patients, families, and staff.


She is a prevention educator for UMADAOP of Dayton, facilitating the Lupus Program,
which offers a platform and viable support through the journey with lupus.
Ida's work extends beyond her ministry, as she also serves as the Alumni Association
Chaplain for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, which supports military caregivers and
veterans. Served as the 2018 Elizabeth Dole Fellow for the State of Ohio and worked
diligently to make Dayton and Trotwood a Hidden Heroes City for our local caregivers
and their families.


Through her various roles, Ida is a tireless advocate for those in need and is dedicated to
helping individuals find hope, healing, and peace through their faith and the word of



Min. Ida Ca
(937) 307-8898

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