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ZOOM Meeting
With Min. Ida Carson
Passcode- fAv7WX

Minister Ida Carson is the Founder of Ida Carson Ministries whose mission is to be the pipeline to help people find their way to Jesus Christ. During the pandemic in March 2020, the Lord spoke to me, and compelled me to start praying for those who were impacted by Covid-19. The Lord begin using her to deliver His word via social media and through the years the broadcast has grown. Many lives changed and set free from the clinches of the enemy. She is currently a part of the Minister Team at Maranatha Worship Centre located in Dayton, OH.

She serves under the leadership of Bishop Truman Martin and Dr. Beverly Martin. Ida has experience working closely with women’s, children’s and evangelism departments, and currently serves as the Community Liaison at Maranatha Worship Centre.

She has an insatiable hunger for prayer which led her to building foundation of Ida Carson Ministries, which has established a prayer life that is rooted and has remained a catalyst for such a time as this. She humbly serves others as a vessel of Jesus and helps to snatch souls from the enemy therefore Expanding the Kingdom of God. 


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